How Important is Staging?- Laguna Beach Homes

When we talk about staging your Laguna Beach homes for a quick sale, we refer to a method of decorating and showcasing your home’s best assets in an attempt to impress buyers and sell it for the highest price. Since not all sellers stage their homes, especially when they sell the lower price ones, staging a house will give you a lot of advantage. It’s not only for million dollar homes, lower cost houses could benefit from staging as well, without shelling out a huge sum of money.

Why Staging is Important?

While staging a home is optional, you need to get serious about it. When you are facing huge financial transaction, you don’t want to settle for a lower price or wait for a longer period than you have to, to sell. This is where decorating and decluttering your home come into the picture.

Aside from the amount of time and money involve, staging a home maybe one of the most lucrative steps to undertake in this process. Buyers are looking for the quality of home and life they are going to live with. If you sell your house as is, without doing some improvements or decorating, you are going to wait for a longer period before it will be marked sold. Staging helps sell a buyer’s dream, and creates more of an emotional buy, that can eventually lead to more profits.

Staging is also important because buyers don’t want to see work in front of them, which will need to be done before they can move in. Every problem they see, they deduct each cost mentally and that will cost you at the end. Buyer will want to deduct those costs from their offering price. When your buyer sees problems, they will think of renovating the house and it would require them to shell out more money. If you don’t stage, you are going to get less money from your major investment – your house.

How to Stage?

There are lots of home staging tips to follow through. But if you are on limited budget, it is important to focus on the bigger picture and on the areas that would make a big difference in your house’s selling price.

The exterior and entrance of the house have great impact on buyers. You should put more attention for renovation on these areas than the interior. Next is focus on the kitchen and bathrooms, living room, bedroom, outdoor space and patio. I am not saying you are going to renovate all these. That would cost more money than you think it would. So, the following are the tips on how to stage a home on budget.


Cleaning the areas would make the house look presentable. If your home doesn’t come with brand new appliances, make the old ones spotless. Clean your bathroom, tub and sink drains. Put more importance on the toilet and back of the bowl you don’t think anyone could see.




Remove all unnecessary furniture or things from the house and encourage more space to the buyer. Clutter is one of those problems that distract buyers from seeing the features of your home. Hiding things in the storage room may not be a good idea anyway. You have to empty the house from useless stuff and let the new homeowners fill those spaces when they move in.


This must be one of the best ways to make the house look new and presentable. The exterior and the entryway will get the buyer’s first impression. You should make these areas look fresh and brand new by repainting them.

So now, you are ready to stage your home for a quick sale. Follow the above tips or feel free to contact me for tips and tricks. I love helping people get their house ready to sell!


  •  Professionally staged homes present and show better than competing houses for sale, including new construction homes and higher-priced houses.
  • Staged properties will sell faster when compared with houses that have not been staged. From the date of listing until the day of closing, home staging shortens this
    time frame, even in a slow real estate market.
  • Buyers view staged listings as “well-maintained”
  •  Buyers’ agents recognize that professionally staged listings are “move-in” ready and are inclined to show staged properties.