HEADING OFF HEADACHES: 10 Landlord Problems a Property Manager Prevents

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There are many mistakes you can make when renting your home. Not hiring a professional property manager is arguably the biggest. They anticipate and prevent problems you may never think of. With a professional manager, you save time, money and aggravation. Not to mention lawyer’s fees, frequent repair bills, and the loss of rental income if your place sits vacant. …

Property manager with house and key

10 Property Manager Responsibilities

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Property management services are salvation for many landlords who wish to make a profit out of their properties without much hassle. Often, landlords don’t know how to start getting benefits out of their properties, so they call a property manager who can help them build a better property and guide them through all the steps. Property management agencies are what …

Millennial rental

9 Things to Consider to Attract Millennials to Your Rental Property

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Buying a home was the obvious life goal for previous generations, but now that story’s over. Newer generations like millennials are facing more difficult times, full of changes in culture, technology, and of course, in the economy. The world’s been turned upside down, and nowadays for a lot of millennials, it seems almost impossible to buy the perfect place to …

Pros & Cons for single family vs. multi family rentals

Single Family vs. Multifamily Rentals: Pros and Cons

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Landlords tend to own multi-family properties, but there’s also a reasonable number of landlords that own single-family rental properties, and who might think multi-family properties are a waste of time. The formula to take care of every type of rental property will be different, and like everything in life, they will have pros and cons. If you don’t own either …

Homeowner calculating a good Cap Rate on a rental property

What is a Good Cap Rate On a Rental Property?

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You will bump into a wide variety of concepts in the world of rental properties, and yes, sometimes they can be too hard to digest, more if you’re barely getting ahold of it because you need to sell, rent, or find a new property. Real estate investors might be the only ones that fully understand this complex combination of terms, …

Happy elderly tenants couple renting a home

7 Things You Should Know When Renting to Elderly Tenants

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The number of elderly people renting in America increased from 24.4% to 27% in 2016, which means that, contrary to what you always see, millennial and people older than 30 are not the only renters in the U.S. today. That said, you should be fully aware that there’s definitely a large difference between these two groups, and that elderly tenants …

Reasons to live in Laguna Hills, California

10 Reasons to Move to Laguna Hills, California

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Moving to another city is one of the hardest things that many of us could face during our lives. But taking the first step when it comes to leaving your old home and looking for a new one is only hard when you’re not prepared with all the essential information, and maybe all you need is info about what a …

Mistakes to avoid when sell your home

12 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home in 2019

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Like every new challenge in life, the starting point is the hardest, and when it comes to selling a house, things get tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Selling a house can be a time-consuming and emotionally challenging situation, where you can expect all kinds of bad comments on your execution; also, what you consider as a valuable …