Selling A Home in OC?

If you thinking about selling your home then you are undoubtedly thinking about things like the time frame you want to be moved out by, your home’s listing and sales price, surrounding real estate market activity, and the general economic activity that can affect the buying and selling decisions of those interested in real estate.

All these factors play into your home sale, and realistically, finding out the “data” on this is relatively easy. You can use Zillow, Google, and a variety of real estate resources available online with just a few clicks of your mouse.

But if getting all this information is so simple then why are there so many sellers experiencing problems with selling their homes? It’s not just because “there aren’t any buyers.”

You must understand that what helps you make the best decision in regards to selling your home is not as simple as just gathering the information. The key is in how to interpret the information and apply it to one simple factor…TIME.

How time plays into your home selling decision is the most important factor you need to be thinking about. With the time factor (and how it specifically relates to your situation) the answer to the questions below will vary:

  • What price should I list my home at?
  • How much should I expect out of the sale of my home?
  • How does the inventory of surrounding homes for sale affect my home sale?
  • How long will my home take to go into escrow and sale?
  • What should I do to spruce up my home before listing?
  • How do I get the right agent to help me with this?
  • What is a great marketing plan?
  • And so forth…

As you can see, depending on what your time frame is for moving there isn’t a straight answer any given question.

So take a moment to fill out the form below to request a time to quickly chat about your situation. We can accurately answer the questions above (and much more you may have) as they specifically relate to your situation and see what you can do next to get moving forward with your home sale.

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