Nellie Gail Ranch Christmas Lights

Nellie Gail Ranch Christmas Lights

Nellie Gail Road in Laguna Hills holds one of the most spectacular Christmas light shows in Orange County. It is one of the most amazing traditions to be a witness of the wonderful homeowner performances of holiday lights and decor in Nellie Gail Ranch. Every season brings back familiar old favorites and some spectacular new shows.

The most notable one is the stunning musical harmonization created by the Blount Family of 25473 Nellie Gail Road for the last years. It is an unbelievable spectacle that features 812 channels of dancing LED lights choreographed to 20 songs broadcast locally on 107.7fm radio, and there are more than 120 thousand blinking lights that create this joyful light display.

There are three huge trees in front of the house decorated with over 3 miles of lights each, and the most massive tree is wrapped in an incredible 4-1/2 miles of lights. One unique characteristic of this Christmas light display is that you can send a holiday text message to the guests that will appear on a 6 foot LED screen right in front of the light show as well as on their website. You can check their website at, where you can see a live video of a song in action as well as tons of pictures. Still, you have to see it for yourself to fully enjoy the engineering marvel!

However, the fun does not stop there; Andrew and Michelle Blount also invite visitors to join them each night inside their home for warm cider and a viewing of Mrs. Blount’s Christmas Village Wonderland. Michelle Blount has spent hundreds of hours hand sculpting the giant snowy mountains of the Christmas towns. Each year she begins preparing the exhibits in August. Her largest village is the North Pole highlighting over 100 animated Department 56 houses, overlooking snow peaks, and even a waterfall. She has a classic Bavarian style Christmas village starring Department 56 house, a village dedicated to entirely to Disney, one for The Grinch, another featuring Charlie Brown, Rudolph, and even a Christmas Carnival Boardwalk village.

For the last years, the structural elements of a house—windows, columns, rooftops, porches—seem to move around and have a life of their own, thanks to a digital technique known as projection mapping.

Back in 2008, a normal day Michelle burned out a wall socket with her indoor display, and Andrew, usually not so excited about Christmas, started helping her with the electricity and hanging lights outdoors. The following year, Michelle’s mother invited in a couple of curious passers-by. That was the beginning.

Andrew himself says on his website: “We are blessed to live in a neighborhood that loves to decorate.  In fact, Nellie Gail Ranch has a long lasting history of decorating. For several years the second tallest Christmas Tree in the United States embellished one of our neighbor’s driveways. It brought guests from all over the world who enjoyed its owner’s noble benefaction whose only incentive was to bring a smile to peoples’ faces.

The goal of our Christmas/Holiday Lights (Holiday actually, we even have a Jewish area) is no different. For many people, Christmas is not the best time or a moment of happiness. There are broken families, illnesses, and financial struggles all tied up into a time that is intended to bring joy.

To say that we held the most lights, or the best show out of all in Nellie Gail would be dishonest. Our neighborhood has the tendency to decorate.  The Gingerbread house, right down the street, is way better than ours.  The owner’s son Brett, who has transformed from the kid who cheerfully corded lights on his parent’s house, into a famous lighting artist (with credits like Disneyland and Universal Studios) and now into a prominent movie producer, guarantees that their home turns into a shimmering gingerbread palace every year. Therefore, while we are far from the best house in Nellie Gail, we do love decorating and looking at the smiles, and hope, that it brings to our neighbors and visitors.”

The Nellie Gail Ranch show at the Blount’s house starts on Thanksgiving night and runs Tuesdays through Sundays until Christmas (including Christmas Eve) from 5 pm – 9 pm. The Blounts usually collect new, unwrapped toys for the Firefighters’ Spark of Love Toy Drive on Friday nights. Visitors can send a text for the Christmas display at 313-312-5473.

Take a few moments and get the family inside the car to drive all around the neighborhood! We want to thank all the incredible homeowners who do such a fabulous job of beautifying our community. Many Kudos and Merry Christmas!