Don’t Wait… Buy a Home Now this Fall! Why you ask? – Laguna Hills Real Estate

The market is usually good at summer or spring, but the real deals in Laguna Hills Real Estate are during fall or first of winter.

Most people move in or buy a home during summertime when the kids are out of school, and the weather is good, packing up and moving is easier, but they barely realize the perks of moving during fall or first of winter, especially during the holidays.

Fall is the best time of the year to move in because a lot of buyers pull out of the market place because they don’t want to move during holidays. They want to wait until next year to pack up.


Real Estate prices dips during fall

A seller that fails to close their deals at summertime starts to lower their prices. Thus, the inventory of not disposed real estates goes up and the number of buyers goes down, perfect storm for a great deal! Seller usually intends to lower the price to attract more buyers. Thus moving in during holidays could save up to 5% to 10% decrease on purchase price compared during January. You must surely not miss this favorable deal!


Seller is in haste to dispose the inventory

After several months, the seller is absolutely sick of keeping their houses spotless and tired of people walking through. This is when a seller may be most anxious about selling their house as traffic to their house has likely fallen sharply. The seller is in haste in disposing the house after several costs incurred in maintaining the house. Perfect timing of striking the hot iron!


Available Selections

During this season, home demands is still high, competition is also at the edge. You may be pressured to buy due to turnaround of houses on the market but this can be an upside for you. There is an array of available selection of homes during October to December that you can visit. You can even walk though several open houses in a single day and get an updated list. Make sure not to skip these events in order not to miss your dream house! A lot if Buyers step out of the home search to regain strength with the tax refund check the next year. This is why we see more buyers in the end of January to May.


Moving Warmly

In settling to your new home during fall, you will be saved from the sweating blaze of the sun and the icy cold of winter. It is attractive to buy a house before the freezing raining weather starts, and sweltering heat begins.

Fall is also indeed the perfect blend of the season to move in to your new home before Thanksgiving and winter holidays.


Tax Benefits
During the last quarter, people usually thinks what tax deductions they might be available. Good thing that home buyers this year can get great dividends in tax returns. For instance, mortgage interests and property taxes can be deducted from their gross income. If you have also prepaid some interests before they fell due or foot the loan this year, theses interests can also be deducted. Sounds like a perfect timing in closing a deal.


Having the best time in buying a home, make sure to seek the perfect house for you and your family. Before making an offer, make sure to plan ahead and do your homework in research. Know what kind of house you need, what you can afford. Contact us right away at Integrated Realty Group.