Getting the Best Deals when Buying a Home – Laguna Beach Real Estate

With the today’s market in selling Laguna Beach Real Estates and eager buyers who want to be homeowners in Laguna Beach, closing the best deal might be tough. Buying a house requires consideration of certain criteria and points that might help you in closing the best deals.

Here are the tips that a buyer should consider in finding the best home deals:

Necessities. As what all buyers should consider, their family’s need is their prime consideration. Having a big number of kids requires a spacious room. If there is a baby in the family, a baby’s room is an option to consider. If you have a well-organized personality, having a pantry or walk-in closets might be ideal.


Safe and friendly neighborhood. Peace and security also are a consideration. Good fences makes good neighbors they say. Exclusive country homes are safer and peaceful. Pick those which are well-secured and with complete security facilities.


Know the market.  Know the trend from the most expensive and luxurious line to the cheapest but still a practical house. Know also the recent sales, if you know the average sale in Laguna Beach is $2,500,000. Make an initial offer of $2,200,000 to $2,400,000 to the Seller.


Get close to the downtown. Economist also says that the cost of residential homes usually connected with employment. The more job opportunities in the area, the higher the market would be for real estates. Try to settle not exactly in the central downtown but on somewhere close to it.


Seller’s stimulus. Find out the Seller’s motivations in selling their home. Probably due to retirement, moving due to new job, divorced or looking for better house could dispose the current one at a higher price. If the Seller is eager to sell the house immediately, you can start your offer at a lower price. Desperate sellers are in a haste to dispose their house.

Renovating less. Pick a house that requires less renovation, thus, less expense in moving in. Don’t ask the Seller to do work that requires workmanship and much effort like repainting the wall and changing the ceiling, they will do a lousy work. Be reasonable in demanding modifications from the Seller.


Check the property registries. Buyers must be wary if the property has any encumbrances. Before buying any properties, it should have a clean title. Try also checking Title to know what the seller owes. An owner who owes more than the worth of the house would likely to sell the property in haste than an owner who has a lot of built-up equity.


Pick the trendy one if you can. If budget would permit you, choose the trendy house if you can. Aside from being hip from your friends and neighborhood, trendy house does not easily depreciate and easier to dispose when you decide to move out later.


Smart buyers do their homework, they know what size of home they need, how much they can afford and then search the market for what they want and negotiate fairly. Moving in posh homes isn’t tough at all if you study the market first and negotiate well with the Seller. But remember this is what we do every day at Integrated Realty Group; do you really want your investment of $2,500,000 hanging over your head or ours?