Grant Gerhart Agent Panel Speaker- Orange County Zillow Summit 2015

I was very honored to be a speaker on the Agent Panel at the Orange County Zillow Summit yesterday. I discussed with my fellow agents, on the impact Zillow has played in my real estate business in the past 3 years. As an Orange County Premier Agent panel I shared strategies for success on and offline. I also spoke about my local market, on how buyers and sellers behave, from start to finish. This event offers valuable insight into our industry and provides practical tips for maximizing your Zillow experience. With over 300 guests, this really was a great opportunity for me to exhibit my real estate talents. I look forward to booking my next Public Speaking Event!



Grant Gerhart is available for public and private speaking engagements, keynote speeches, and panel discussions. An engaging teacher and presenter, Grant speaks to topics broad and focused in the realms of Real Estate, Lending, and the Economy and offers projective insight into some of the greatest trends that face us as a society.

Grant allows audiences to see the big picture about what the future holds. He inspires participants to redefine their relationships to our natural, social, and financial environments and empowers them to trust themselves. While the material has serious implications, Grant’s approach is uniquely positive and inspiring.


Feel free to contact me with questions.


Orange-County-Zillow-Summit-Grant GerhartOrange-County-Zillow-Summit-Grant Gerhart