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“I got connected with Grant when I expressed interests in a house listed on Zillow before I moved to California from the East Coast. Grant called me and talked with me for more than an hour to understand my family’s needs. He showed some houses to my friend on my behalf. Due to my relocation schedule, I decided to rent an apartment first. After I moved to California, my kids and I saw some open houses and many realtors offered to help me to find a house, but I chose to continue working with Grant based on our first conversation. My husband had to stay on the East Coast to finish his work, so I was like a single mother with two kids and I also had a very demanding job. Grant worked extremely hard to accommodate my busy schedule to show me houses in the early mornings and weekends. Relocated as a teenager himself, he really understands what families go through during the relocation and he is always very supportive. When we looked houses together, he always checked all the details of every house and often pointed out some stuff I would never thought of. Sometimes, I felt like he was the one buying the house because he was so much into the job he was doing. After seeing some houses with me, it was amazing that he knew exactly what kind of house I would like. I was deeply moved when he showed me a house I fell in love with instantly even though the house got sold out before I could make an offer. When I decided to make an offer to another house, he had a family emergency and it was a very sad time for him, but he managed to get a pre-approval and wrote an offer on my behalf right away even though I told him he did not need to do that. Due to some crazy competition, we decided not to pursue that house. He is well informed and very knowledgeable about the house market, and thank God he helped me get my current house ideal for my family. Grant also helped me sort out our financial situation and get my mortgage. Because we still own our house in the East Coast, it made the loan application very challenging. Also due to the holiday seasons and an extremely slow loan process from the bank, our mortgage application became a horrible ordeal. Grant worked around the clock and did everything he could to help ease the pain. It was a very frustrating situation to him too, but he handled everything graciously and helped solve every problem the bank created. He always kept me informed about the whole process, and he worked tirelessly to deal with the sellers, mortgage broker and escrow company. He really cared about what my family went through during the transition and provided all the help and support he could. In short, Grant is very professional, prompt, polite, calm, humorous, thoughtful and reliable. He is very organized with effective and efficient management skills, he builds strong team relationships and provides exceptional customer service with honesty and integrity. He always gives 100% of his efforts and works for the best interests of his clients. He really enjoys helping families to find their new homes. Relocation is stressful, but his sound knowledge about the OC housing market and financing really helped me to make every good decision along the process. I have already recommended him to my friends and colleagues. I thank God we got connected, and thank you, Grant, for everything”

“Grant was very professional, has immense knowledge of the real estate market, was prompt in responding to questions and provided very personalized service, would use him again!”

“Grant is amazing! I was looking to relocate to Orange County from San Diego. I found Grant online to help me find the perfect home. He is extremely customer focused; providing excellent customer service and communicates well. He's very knowledgeable and has vast real estate experience. He offered excellent suggestions; enabling me to make the best decisions regarding when to purchase. My job ended up not getting relocated to Orange County so I ended up not moving. I will contact Grant for my future real estate needs and have already recommended him to my friends and family. It was a pleasure working with him.”

“Grant was great!! We had an out of the ordinary purchase to say the least. He was methodical and even keeled through the whole process. He was available and prompt throughout. If I had to buy or sell another home he would be the first person I would call.”

I will always be eternally grateful for Grant. He helped me find my first home and it is exactly where I had dreamed up of from the beginning. He really listened when I told him exactly what I wanted. Always available, willing and positive. Every text and email was answered right away. I'll never forget this journey and his role throughout it. Thanks Grant!

“Adam epitomizes professionalism, expertise and a passion for exemplary customer service. I strongly recommend Adam for anyone looking to purchase or rent in Orange County.He is knowledgable, friendly and determined to make finding a wonderful home the best experience possible!!”

Would definitely recommend Melody for selling or buying a home!! Melody was extremely helpful throughout the process!! She linked us up with a lender right away to see what we qualified for. She met us at the lenders office and sat with us during our meetings. She got back to me so quickly when I had questions. She was hands on the whole time! She was searching for homes for us everyday and found great houses that were exactly what we had wanted to look for. We decided to postpone on buying but when we are ready again we are definitely going to melody!

“Melody was a pleasure to work with. She is thoughtful, patient and well informed. What I enjoyed about working with her is that she made the stressful process of home buying simple and fun. I'm definitely recommending Melody to my friends and family for all their real estate needs.”

I contacted Melody to pursue a home I was really interested in renting. From first meeting her she was incredibly professional, responsive and got the application process moving immediately, as she knew I had found the home I wanted to live in. Not only did Melody make suggestions to make my rental application competitive, but she went above and beyond my expectations to facilitate communication between myself and the landlord and the landlord's realtor. She also made the process of signing the lease and answering my questions very easy. I have dealt with a lot of realtors in OC, and Melody was the best. I highly recommend her!

Melody is very professional, qualified, diligent. She is thorough and follows up immediately on tasks or requests. She keeps you well informed on the process and makes sure you get the best real estate service that is available. I would recommend her in any housing transactions that are needed. She will make sure you find what you are looking for and what is right for your needs!

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“Melody was a pleasure to work with. She is thoughtful, patient and well informed. What I enjoyed about working with her is that she made the stressful process of home buying simple and fun. I'm definitely recommending Melody to my friends and family for all their real estate needs.”


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